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Immigration reform can happen THIS year, but only if we the people continue to demand it.  We’ve never been in a better position to get something passed, all we need is that elusive vote.

Immigration is inherently American, intrinsic to our past success and critical to our future.  Polls show that a majority of Americans not only get that but that they also understand that the system is badly broken and desperately in need of reform. In fact, Americans broadly support a wide range of reforms and not just the easy ones; a recent poll by the Partnership for a New American Economy shows that more than 67% favor a path to citizenship.

So, if Americans support it and the issue can’t get a vote, there must be some major gridlock in Congress over the issues, right? Wrong. Let us not forget that a bill passed in the Senate, but more importantly as it languishes on the House side, Boehner’s proposed ideas in the blueprint of GOP values are not that disparate.  Discussions on the Hill have also revealed that a large number in House GOP Caucus support it.

I’ll say it again, we’ve never been in a better position to get something passed. Holding our representatives accountable, staying vocal, and insisting on a vote this year are our imperatives. Success is near…IF we fight for it.


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