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KIND is Promoting Those Doing the KIND Thing in the World via #kindawesome

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KIND Healthy Snacks, a brand known for foods made from ingredients you can see and pronounce, recently launched a new website promoting people doing the kind thing in the world through an ongoing series of video and b...

CSR: Building Sustainable Businesses

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CSR: Building Sustainable Businesses Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is becoming more and more popular within the business world, where many companies are rethinking their practices in order to benefit societ...

Ads Can Sometimes be Profound

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Working in the cause marketing space, we see creatives that are clearly not 'cause'  in nature, but more general branding with undertones that a brand cares about people.  While we don't run every creative or campaign...

You Love Ideas for Change & We Have Data To Prove It

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You Love Ideas for Change Dr. Muhammad Yunus talks about social business and offers ideas for change, or ideas on how people can help solve social issues. We are obviously huge fans of his, but this video is super re...

Social Innovator Jeremy Robbins on Immigration Reform

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The Social Innovator Series showcases people from all backgrounds working to make the world better. In this installment, Jeremy Robbins discusses #iMarch and immigration reform. Why #iMarch for Innovation BY: Jere...

Current TV Acquired by Al Jazeera: Thoughts and the Future of SocialGood.TV

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Congratulations to Joel Hyatt and Al Gore for finding a rapidly growing, international media company looking for US carriage - But did they overpay? Al Jazeera Acquires Current TV Al Jazeera, an international news c...

One Small Philanthropic Step for Apple; A Giant Leap for Mankind?

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I was recently quoted in a CRN article, Cutting-Edge Philanthropy: 21st Century Ways IT Is Giving Back, about my take on Apple's philanthropic efforts. I thought I'd dive a little deeper; throw out some ideas that cou...

Social Good Summit and Local Organizers Discuss the Impact of Social Good Conversations Around the World

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SocialGood.TV's own Stephen Vogelpohl joined Mashable & The UN Foundation's Social Good Summit, along with other local Social Good Summit organizers, to discuss how the global, social good conversation has fostere...

Time Warner Cable’s Ambitious Goal to Get Kids Interested in STEM

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We're passionate about groups that get kids interested in STEM, it's no big secret. Reaching kids early in this area is important because the US is lacking in public education sufficient to produce a technically savvy...

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