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Promising Startup Promise or Pay Makes You Achieve Goals or Donate to Charity

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Most of the time we know exactly what we need to do to make ourselves feel-good. Whether it is exercising every day, getting to bed early, quitting smoking, spending time with friends and family, losing weight, gettin...

The Sustainability & Impact of the Rainforest Partnership

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Rainforest Partnership, an Austin based non-profit, has as many layers as the rainforests it protects.  The organization was founded five years ago by Niyanta Spelman, its Executive Director, who is passionate at prot...

Interview with Joy Stoddard from Whole Planet Foundation at SXSW ECO 2013

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I had an opportunity to interview Joy Stoddard, Development and Outreach Director at Whole Planet Foundation, during SXSW ECO 2013.  Whole Planet Foundation is the non-profit foundation of Whole Foods, which is dedica...

KIND is Promoting Those Doing the KIND Thing in the World via #kindawesome

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KIND Healthy Snacks, a brand known for foods made from ingredients you can see and pronounce, recently launched a new website promoting people doing the kind thing in the world through an ongoing series of video and b...

3D Printer: Social Innovation or Public Danger?

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3D Printer: Social Innovation or Public Danger? We love seeing technology being developed to improve the human condition.  How can one not appreciate all that 3D printers have in store for our world by seeing applica...

CSR: Building Sustainable Businesses

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CSR: Building Sustainable Businesses Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is becoming more and more popular within the business world, where many companies are rethinking their practices in order to benefit societ...

You Love Ideas for Change & We Have Data To Prove It

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You Love Ideas for Change Dr. Muhammad Yunus talks about social business and offers ideas for change, or ideas on how people can help solve social issues. We are obviously huge fans of his, but this video is super re...