SocialGood.TV is dedicated to the advancement of sustainable social good.

~ Stephen Vogelpohl, Founder & CEO

Sustainable social good – referred to by some as Social Innovation – is created when a social mission comes together with strong business model. Whether it’s a successful business seeking a social mission or nonprofit seeking to establish a suitable business model, it’s all about creating impact through balance. By seeking, promoting, and supporting this convergence, we believe it is possible to realize a future in which many more people can work to create impact and achieve profit simultaneously. We see a future which people are more engaged, more empowered, and more productive –  one in which business decisions and people & planet decisions are one and the same.


The beauty of what we do is that there are already brands who think this way; they are brands built for and by people who care. By connecting those socially conscious brands with socially conscious consumers – through a robust ad network of socially conscious digital partners – we sit at the heart of an ecosystem that is both sustainable, impactful and lasting. This ecosystem yields good opportunities for consumers, great returns for advertisers, progress on important social and environmental issues, and on-going revenue that we and our partners need to keep driving innovation and making the world a better place.


Because we very much believe in this ecosystem, we re-invest part of our revenue in non-profit and for-profit Social Innovators like E4 Youth & Exploration Nation (below), that we believe are making a difference.

E4 Youth